Using technology for relationship building

Greetings I am Rob Lamb, your Sales Coach with The Bright Idea Group,
Today, I want to talk about using technology to help you be more productive with your sales calls. One of my preferred methods of meeting with people is face to face, but sometimes that is not a possibility we are not able to meet with our clients face to face. Honestly, we all live very busy lives! So how should you handle this issue?
There are a variety of remedies to this situation. I once sold a life insurance policy while my client was 1 feet in the air working on a cell phone tower. I used face time to make the connection and was able to show him what was on my screen.

What to use?

While face time was the most convenient tool to use at the time, there are other resources that can be employed to make the contact personal and help build your relationship with the client.  Some of these tools are gotomeeting, gotowebinar, or if you want to remain cell phone based and the other person doesn’t have an I-phone, you can use the Google Hangouts app.

Just tools.
Remember, these are just tools. These are not substitutes for building a relationship with you prospects and clients. They help you be available whenever and wherever your prospects and clients are available.
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