Slowing Down in the Sales Process

Greetings from the Bright Idea Group! I am your sales coach Rob Lamb.

Today, I want to discuss slowing down in the sales process.  This comes to you because of a client I have been working with. I have been listening to them make and take sales calls.  I think this will apply to most new sales people, and will be a reminder for the experienced sales person. In fact, it may give you the opportunity to take a pause and reflect on your approach.

There are two sides to the sales process. The Customer’s and the sales person’s.

From the customer’s perspective:

Sometimes customers want to rush through the process. They have looked at it online, they have done the research, they may have tried a sample of the product, or they think they know the product, and just have one or two questions for you and then BAM! They want to purchase and get out of there. It is tempting to just to take the sale and go! That was Easy! But the sales person interested in building a relationship with the prospect will slow the process down. How do you do this? Ask questions. What are they going to do with the product or why do they want the service? Find a blind spot that they have not considered and maybe another product you offer would suit them better. It is up to you to know your product and understand your market. If you want additional help with understanding your market, reach out to the Bright Idea Group.

Now from the sales person’s perspective…

As the sales person, you, hopefully, have been given all the information about your product and who and how it can help or serve. (Traditionally this not the case, you are given limited information and sent out to “CLOSE SOME DEALS!”) Sometimes, you are given what the features and benefits, exact specifications, etc are for this product or line of products. And then what usually happens is the traditional sales process: build rapport, spew the features and benefits, close, close, close! Aside from how are you, they never single question about who, what, where, when, how, and why with regard to the customer’s need for the product or service?

Who referred them, or how did they hear about you?

Why does the customer want this product?

What got them interested in it. What do they know about the product or service? What kind of research have they done regarding it? What do they know about your competition if there is any? What are they going to do with it?

When do they want it?

Do they have any questions about the product or service?

When you ask questions, you slow the process down and can really get to know the prospect. You get the opportunity to offer something the internet cannot –  a trusted advisor!

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